our process

Structured and efficient

We provide one-on-one guidance through a highly organized 3 part process that guarantees speed and quality.

Part 1

Get a quote

Almost immediately after contacting us, you'll get a free quote for our services based on the size and complexity of your App.
Our services typically cost between $1,000 - $2,000
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You create an App Outline

With our help, you write the logical "backend" of your automation. The tech we're building is relatively simple; the brains comes from you.
Read our step-by-step guide for creating an outline
The outlines makes it easy to visualize the logical rules that make up your App, allowing you to easily remember how your App works over long periods of time

Part 2

We build the prototype

We use your App Outline to quickly create a prototype allowing you to test, refine, and iterate.
Watch as the App takes shape in your Afterpattern account
You'll receive a testable version of your App at major stage of development

You add the finishing touches

Make the automation yours. Personalize the content — customize the wording, add images, and update styles.
Use the Afterpattern App Builder to quickly make copy edits, style changes, and other small touches

Part 3

Receive the App

Your App is now available for you to activate and host 🚀on the Afterpattern platform.
No surprises; you have final approval over your automation
You control whether your App is private or publicly available

Ongoing support

Welcome to Afterpattern. With your monthly subscription you have access to customer support M - F, 9am - 5pm ET.
Join our Slack to connect with other developers

Ready to get started?

Let's talk about your project. If you're interested, you can create a free account and start exploring the App Builder right now.

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