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Your automations are built quickly and affordably because we don’t build from scratch — instead, we leverage our App Builder. With Afterpattern you’ll have everything you need to easily update your apps long after we help you launch.

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Eviction declaration

legal aid

Within 24 hours of the CDC's "eviction moratorium", this App was built and launched to help Kentucky home renters opt into the new rule. This App has since been reported on by The New York Times and duplicated by public service organizations across the country, including the Debt Collective in California and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.


Get protection from eviction under the CDC's COVID Eviction Order by sending a letter to your landlord and applying for rent abatement.

the automation

A guided interview App that populates a document template via an online form and by pulling from a database.

products used
One of my favorite features of Afterpattern [formerly] is that I can allow other organizations to duplicate and edit my App.”
Ben Carter
Senior Litigation and Advocacy Counsel at KEJC
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Self-help for pro se litigants


The Judicial Council of California uses Afterpattern to rapidly build and test guided interviews and document assemblers for pro se litigants.


One of the biggest challenges self-represented litigants face is getting the help they need to complete the forms required to start and keep up with their court process. These Legal App means that the court's help centers can effectively be open 24/7.

what it is

Guided interviews that ask a series of questions to triage, inform, and guide pro se litigants, and ultimately populate court forms.

products used
We created testable versions of guided interviews for a fraction of the time and cost. That's unheard of and gives us a lot of room to iterate.”
Jack Madans
Digital Service Principal at JCC

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